Get to know Gee

I thought I should write a little bit about me for people that ever read my blog so they could get to know me a little. I know that for me if I watch youtubers I like to know their story.

So I’m from a little sea side town called Deal and I was born in Dover. Fun fact I have a twin brother and he was born just 1 minute before me. I live with my parents, and my 2 brothers and my dog called Roxy, she’s a bullmastiff and she is the cutest, soppiest and laziest dog ever but she is deffo one of a kind. At the moment I’m studying Graphic design at Canterbury Christ Church University. I love fashion and one of my dreams would be to produce my own fashion magazine or work with Vogue. I also love interior design, since I was little I was always very bossy and telling my parents how to layout the furniture and what colours to use.

Im quite a shy, awkward person if I haven’t known you long and don’t feel comfortable around you yet, but when I do get to know you I’m a little crazy and a bit loud. My other dreams in life are to be a Youtuber or a model, because I’m so shy its very hard for me to think I can make it in them industries, also I’m 5 foot 2 so my dream of being a model isn’t very realistic lol.

I don’t really know what to say, I wouldn’t want to bore you anymore aha so theres some few things about me and my life.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoy!

Gee Xx


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