The Best of Benefit

So I’m not a massive make up junkie, although I do love to go all out for a night out I don’t really wear make up to uni or on a day to day basis but I do get excited about looking for make up and buying new products! All the glitter eye shadows and highlights just excited me so much. I’ve always stuck to brands I know and have always used just because I know my skin gets on with it as I have VERY sensitive skin! Without realising I have actually quite a few products from Benefit and in fact I love them all!

These are all my Benefit products minus the professional as I’ve ran out, so I should probably purchase another as the product is amazing at hiding pores! Each of these products I would highly recommending purchasing although they are on the pricy side it’s so worth it!


Rockateur and the hello flawless powder are my recent purchases, I’m not one for wearing foundation as i just don’t like the feel on my skin, I tried this at the benefit counter and loved it! Even though its a powder it does actually have a bit of coverage which I like. The Rockateur blush is probably one of my favourite blushes now, I love the shimmer to it it really makes your cheeks pop. I also got a free makeup bag with the purchase which was a bonus.



Just look at the blush, how pretty is that?!


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

Gee Xx


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