Are Zoeva Brushes Worth the Money?

As I’m not majorly into make up I never really had many decent brushes. I had a real techniques blending brush which was the best brush I had compared to the few No7 ones. I always felt like my eyeshadow was a bit patchy in some places, I knew this was due to the quality of the brushes I was using.

I work at a busy bar in my town, so on a Saturday night I feel like making a bit of an effort with my makeup. I’ve really got into doing my eyeshadow, its deffo my fav part of the makeup to do. So I felt I needed to invest in some more make up brushes that had a good reputation. I had been eyeing up the Zoeva brush set but was contemplating it for long because of the price.

I was lucky enough to receive one of the rose gold eye brush sets for valentines from my boyfriend, which was the best surprise! I used them the day I got them and they are AMAZING, I have only used 3 so far and they blend so well, pick the product up nicely and they are so soft. I would 100% recommend paying £65 for them because you do get 12 brushes and they are amazing quality.

I can’t wait to try all the other brushes, I just need to figure what each one is for lol.



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