Cropped Hoodies & Ripped Jeans

I love fashion a lot! So I’ve been waiting to write a blog post about some fashion trends.

I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and add a few little edgey bits in as I feel like my style was getting a little bit boring and too casual. Cropped jumpers, ripped jeans and mom jeans are so in at the moment. I already had a cropped jumper but felt it was a bit boring and casual. I also have tons of ripped jeans which I love! I feel like they can jazz up your outfit a little.

I have found it so hard so find mom jeans that actually looked half decent on me and didn’t drown me. I tried a pair on in Topshop but they were so big it just looked horrific and did nothing for my figure. I’m always buying items on depop that I probably don’t need but its a great app to find clothes for a good price. I found some ripped jeans that were originally from River Island that someone was selling, they were super ripped (which is what I wanted for an edgey look) and didn’t look way too baggy. They came and I instantly was obsessed, now they may not be for everyone because of how ripped they are but I love the super ripped look. There are so many things that can be paired with ripped mom jeans to make it a dressy look or even a casual look. I saw the cutest pink cropped hoodie on urban outfitters and pictured it with the mom jeans in my head.

A cropped hoodie and ripped my jeans in my opinion its such a cool, edgey look. Although you have just chucked on some jeans and a hoodie, it looks so well put together. Its so comfy but also looks so cool!

If you are not into super ripped or mom jeans I also styled it with my Topshop joni jeans, because the jumper is cropped and joni jeans are so flattering, this look really showed off my figure.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

Gee xoxo


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